Jewels Eugene Kinkle Jones and Vertner W. Tandy clearly believed there was a need to expand Alpha beyond the boundaries of the United States of America (USA) in order to “serve the needs of large masses of people, hungry for leadership and in need of honest, altruistic guidance.” It was perhaps the recognition of this need that prompted these two brothers, while on their Easter vacation, to charter a chapter on the campus of the University of Toronto, Canada on April 11, 1908.

Brother Kenyatta Andrews planted the seed for international expansion with his chapter; Theta Theta Lambda Chapter in Frankfurt, Germany. Accepting the challenge, this striving chapter, established a goal of populating all of Eastern Europe with chapters to meet the needs of individuals of African descent who are in need of leadership, guidance and support. This goal was met with the initiation of two London, England brothers, Bro. Leonardo Major in the Fall of 2008 and Bro. Ronald Sewell on the Spring of 2009 into their chapter. Bro. Ronald Sewell immediately accepted the baton and despite the many challenges involved began work to establish a chapter in London.

While on a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, Bro. Sewell met with Bro. Dr. John Carter to discuss the idea of chartering a chapter in London. They were joined by Bros. Gregory L. Carter and Vic Carter from the United States of America; Bros. Steven Carter, Samuel Gregory, Terrell L. Jones, Henry Williams and Chad Owens from Germany; Jonathan Ball from Bermuda; and Bros. Ronald Sewell and Bro. Leonardo Major from London. These individuals became the founders of the Rho Chi Lambda Chapter. Chapter meetings are held using the latest technology such as Skype© and Go To Meeting™.

On July 23, 2010, Bro. Sewell, accepted the General Convention’s unanimous approval to charter an alumni chapter, designated Rho Chi Lambda, in London, England. In his acceptance speech, he assured the brotherhood that, as is the case in the United States of America, there are those in London who are indeed “ hungry for leadership and in need of honest, altruistic guidance.” He committed to work hard to assure that the “Name” of Alpha will be forever held high in the United Kingdom

On April 23, 2011 a delegation of Alpha leadership led by the 33rd General President, Herman Mason, Jr., traveled to London England to officially Charter the 675th Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Rho Chi Lambda. The charter members of Rho Chi Lambda are: Brothers Kenyatta Andrews; Dr. John H. Carter; Victor L. Carter; Steven Carter; Samuel Gregory; Leonardo Major; Keith F. Mosley Jr.; Andre A. Moss; Chad M. Owens; Diallo V. Rabain; Ronald A. Sewell, and Henry Williams.